• Our primary goal is to help clients understand the motivation behind the choices they have made. 

  • We Strive to make this a journey of curiosity as opposed to one of judgement. 

  • We assist in finding alternative choices for achieving their goals.

 Humans learn from an early age what is necessary to survive in their world. If there is no healthy caregiver to teach proper and balanced life skills, then people will instinctively do what is necessary to survive. These survival choices become ingrained in a person.

They become default choices until we learn options that are life-giving. These can change the direction of a person's life!

Some people say that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I say that every action has a story behind it that helps it make sense.

Do No Harm - Trish

My dogs and I have a special relationship. They are a constant reminder of what the word 'trust' really means.

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